Our precious emerald collection is a true representation of unique craftsmanship
and signature P.C. Totuka & Sons design legacy. Highlighting the beauty of true emerald,
vanya is a perfect combination of traditional meets modern.

Handcrafted peacock statement earrings are encrusted with sublime emerald gemstones and embellished with polki and diamonds

All time classic chandelier tassel earrings in emerald with polki drops

Exquisite bridal necklace with carved emeralds
and polki and little pops of red enamel

Royalty inspired handcrafted earrings in gold, encrusted with carved emerald gemstone and polki

Art deco style, asymmetric jewellery set in gorgeous emerald and polki with pearl drops

Glorious emerald and diamond choker necklace in a timeless style

Multiple string emerald necklace encrusted
with a pair of peacocks in polki and pearls

Crafted in gold, the jewels are encrusted with
brilliant cut polki and exquisite emeralds