Growing from being ace manufacturers to one of the most formidable wholesalers in the north, P.C. Totuka & Sons is amongst the leading jewelry brands based out of Jaipur. P.C. Totuka & Sons embarked on its tradition of valued brilliance during the early independence era in the year 1945. Spearheaded by the visionary ideas of Mr. Padam Chand Totuka, P.C. Totuka & Sons soon became a favored jewel source for the dignified strata of the society. Its fame reached far and wide, garnering appreciation and acclaim for its innovative yet aesthetic concepts and creations. Classic and timeless jewelry have been a stronghold for P.C. Totuka & Sons ever since. The magnificence of our creations has expanded its stature to a global level today. P.C. Totuka & Sons today boasts of a diverse portfolio of both precious and semi-precious jewelry, with an exhaustive range of designs and deft pairings that you’d only have to see to believe.


Key element for success according to the father of this legacy is always remaining true to one’s own words. Renowned P.C. Totuka & Sons never worked on retail margins. It only operates on the belief that it is their obligation to satisfy patrons. Accordingly for our customer’s gratification, we always sought to grow and expand our mastery of designing and trading to a wider assortment of gem stones. Always breaking the cocoon, P.C. Totuka & Sons philosophy is to approach every challenge with equaled determination and going with instincts rather than facts.