Our journey from being one of the finest manufacturers of jewellery back in the day to becoming one of the leading retail jewellery brands based out of Jaipur has truly been a treasured one. P.C. Totuka & Sons embarked on its tradition of defining brilliance in fine jewellery way before anyone else did in the market.
It took no time for the creative minds of Mr Padam Chand Totuka, P.C. Totuka & Sons to garner appreciation and acclaim for their unique concepts and innovative designs to create magnificent pieces out of vibrant colours and sparkling stones. Today, this jewellery of ours has received global attention too. So much so that now, we have a diverse portfolio of both precious as well as semi-precious jewellery with an extensive range of designs, all pleasing to the eyes.



Our constant evolution and eye for detail have created a remarkable place for us in the market. We truly believe that the key element to creating a successful brand is remaining true to one’s words. And our promise to strive hard to give what our patrons expect out of us, a refreshing take on timeless pieces of jewellery is what has made a mark for us so far. Nonetheless, we are always looking to perfect our skills and broaden our thoughts and ideas towards building a jewellery empire that one has never seen before.


Welcome to our world of creative indulgence,that presence awe inspiring pieces of sheer beauty.


Illustrious history of legendary P.C. Totuka & Sons dates back to 1945, when it was started by Shri Padam Chandji Totuka as his first big venture. At its initial stage dealt only in emeralds. Although in its succeeding years, this brand bought and sold all the 84 ratnas known to man.


Passion for gemstones successively passed on to the next generation. Both sons of Padam Chandji- Anil and Sunil Totuka, now manage the Jaipur and Mumbai offices respectively.


This thriving legacy is further being innovated now by the fresh vision of Siddhartha and Gautam Totuka. The three generations of Totukas’ work relentlessly towards their commitment of satisfying their patrons.


Having witnessed tremendous success in Pink City of Jaipur, gallant Padam Chandji decided to expand his area of operation and developed his business in Mumbai where it grew ten-folds.


P.C. Totuka & Sons expanded its operations to include finished jewelry featuring exquisite ‘Jadaau’ work. With time Anil Totuka became a name to reckon within the world of Kundan Meena jewelry and Sunil Totuka for rare and colored diamonds.


P.C Totuka & Sons participated and got tremendous response in 9th Jewellers Association Show from 21-24 August 2015.


Anil Totuka

Siddhartha Totuka

Gautam Totuka

Yogita Totuka